Buying Utah Short Sales: What To Know About The Process

short sale buying processBuying Utah short sales can be extremely complicated, take a lot of time, and, and sometimes be very frustrating to a buyer who may not completely understand how the process works. Ita��s well known that many buyers are attracted to short sales because of the price discounts that are associated with properties in distress. However, pursuing the wrong short sale property can result in a much bigger headache and more financial distress than the fantastic deals many expect.

Here are some questions to consider. Those looking to buy Utah short sales should be able to answer a�?yesa�? to each of them before getting too far down the road and submitting an offer for a short sale property.

Is Your Real Estate Agent Familiar With The Short Sale Process?

The agent that you enlist to help you with your short sale search and purchase is going to be your source of information a�� information youa��ll definitely need to make a sound decision. The agent should have a solid understanding of whata��s involved in the entire process and what signs to look for to determine a good deal as compared to one that could bring a lot of Pills trouble. An agent who has experience assisting buyers with short sales is the your best bet. Dona��t be afraid to ask the agent how many short sales theya��ve helped buyers purchase so you can get an idea of their practical experience.

Is The Listing Agent Experienced with Short Sales?

The listing agent is one of the most important keys in the transaction. The agenta��s experience with Utah short sales is the single most important indicator of potential outcome. In most cases, the listing agent will be the one negotiating the sale with the mortgage lender.

As a buyer, it is critical that you make sure that competent professionals that can make the deal happen as efficiently buy cabergoline as possible surround you.

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How Many And What Kind Of Mortgages Does The Seller Have?

The number of lenders involved in a short sale and the types of mortgages outstanding will Purchase undoubtedly influence the timelines and success rates of the transaction. For the most part, dealing with only one mortgage increases the chances of success and decreases the potential time delays.

If a mortgage insurance company is involved, they can sometimes cause hiccups in the process. If the seller has a VA or FHA mortgage, the short sale process is much different than in a conventional setting. Knowing these and Purchase other details in advance is a definite must for all parties involved.

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Do You Know Who The Servicers For The Loans Are?

The companies that service the loans have their own guidelines and processes that will influence the time required for short sale approval. With some lenders, approvals for 2.5mg cialis online. Utah short sales will last months, whereas it may take weeks for others. Understanding all of the parties involved will allow you, as the buyer, to have a solid expectation of the potential timeframe associated with the process.

Is The Price Right?

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Many times, an inexperienced short sale listing agent will price the property too low online in hopes that theya��ll receive a quick offer from the buyer with no chance of getting it approved by the lender. Whether or not this is done on purpose or by mistake, the buyer needs to beware.

Banks that will approve or reject a short sale will do their own appraisals on the property to determine its market Purchase value. If the appraised value from the bank comes in significantly above the list and purchase price, it is a sure way to get the short sale denied and put the property on the road to foreclosure auction.

Is Your Offer Structured Correctly?

In order successfully buy a short sale, ita��s important that you understand which seller-side expenses are allowed and which are not. For example, knowing the maximum allowable seller contribution

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is an issue you need to be aware of. Most servicers and mortgage investors will not allow more than 3% in seller contribution and if you dona��t have a lot of cash and require more than that, you might be simply wasting your time.

Have More Questions About The Short Sale Buying Process?

With our experience in assisting many buyers purchase Utah short sales, we can provide a free consultation for you. Wea��ll talk about what youa��re looking for, your current situation and come up with a plan to help you fulfill your goals and find the right home at the right price.


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Buying Utah Short Sales: 8 Important Tips

8 Tips for Buying Utah Short SalesUtah short salesA�provide a great opportunity for buyers looking for a great deal on their next home.A� They are normally sold at steeply discounted prices, but require some patience on the part of the buyer, as the process is more complicated than a traditional purchase.A� Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you have a better chance at finding and closing on a short sale property.

1. Get Your Financing Dialed In

cipla nalanda. When looking to purchase Utah short sales, buyers need to have their financing lined up and ready to go. Typically when a short sale approval is granted, the bank wants a closing within 30 days. Many times extensions can be negotiated, but it may cost you at closing. Make sure you speak with your lender to be certain all the needed paperwork has been submitted and the only thing remaining is to get the appraisal followed by the final underwriting process.

2. The Reason For The Sale

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What is the nature of the sellera��s hardship?A� This is a good question to ask.A� The more you know about the house and the seller, the more youa��ll know about the chances of the sale potentially going through.A� As with any purchase, the more questions you ask and information you have, the better informed you are to make a sound decision.

3. Full-Price Offers Dona��t Always Guarantee A Sale

The premise behind a short sale is that it is always subject to the lender accepting an offer, which will provide them less than full repayment of the mortgage note. A seller is happy to sign your offer because it gives them an opportunity to present it to the bank and gauge their reaction to it.A� Just because youa��ve made the seller a full price offer, dona��t be surprised if the bank decides not to accept it. This is no reason to be discouraged. Some back-and-forth with the bank can definitely be worthwhile if you are interested in the property.

4. The Approval Process

Many times, buyers think that only the mortgage holders must approve the sale. While this is the main party involved in the process, a lot of times there are others: home owners associations, utility companies and other liens have to be cleared before the transfer of the title to a new owner can take place.
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5. Third-Party Contributions

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Normally when online Utah short sales get approved, the lender comes back with a hard number they are willing to accept in order to release the lien on the property. When the difference between that number and what has been offered to the lender through the purchase contract is a relatively small amount, ita��s helpful to know if someone other than the seller can pay the difference. These differences can sometimes be made up with a contribution by the buyer and both agents at closing. However, if the lender will not allow third-party contributions, youa��d have to rely on the seller having funds to bring to closing.

6. As-Is Properties

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Most often, Utah short sales are sold as is.A� It is wise to get a home inspection to understand the condition of the home and the lot it sits on.A� You definitely want to have piece of mind that the house is in good condition structurally and that there are not potential expensive issues that are looming.A� In the case of a short sale, the home inspection is more about helping you know if the house is worth investing in, rather than trying to come up with a punch list of repair items for the seller to complete.

7. The Walk Through

Closings are done by an escrow process, meaning the buyer and seller will sign a few days prior to the actual recording of the sale. Often, a seller will have moved from the property prior to closing. Prepare yourself and have realistic expectations. The yard might be in poor condition, the house might not have been cleaned when they moved out, and ita��s possible that some items will have been left behind. At this point in the transaction, your only options are to accept the property in ita��s condition and close, or hold up the closing until the seller takes care of those items, which could cause you to miss the deadline and lose the house or incur fees.

8. Hire A Professional

The process of buying Utah short sales can be extremely difficult to understand and potentially frustrating to buyers.A� It can be overwhelming to understand everything that goes on and how the process works with the bank.A� This is why selecting a real estate agent that truly knows how to assist you in buying a short sale is critical to you finding the right home at the right price.A� Make sure your realtor has experience with these types of sales so they can help you make the process as easy as possible.

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Short Sales Utah | The Buyer’s Side vs The Seller’s Side

kamagra 100. short sale tug of warThere are two sides to short sales in Utah Purchase ; the buyer’s side and the seller’s side. Today we’ll cover the basics of what a short sale is and how the process works in Utah, both on the buyer’s and seller’s side of the transaction.

In simple terms, a short sale is the process of selling a property at an amount that will not cover the balance owed to the lender on the property. Lendera��s often agree to short sales in Utah as a way to minimize their loss versus foreclosing on the property. Foreclosure in Utah is a costly endeavor for the lender and is usually more expensive than taking a loss through the short sale process.

Short Sales Utah | The Seller’s Side

Short sales have become a staple solution to those who find themselves owing more than the current value of their home. It avoids foreclosure and often frees them entirely of the remaining balance of the loan.

But ita��s not easy. The hardest part is getting the lender to accept an amount less than what they are owed. There are three stages to this process:

Step 1. Short Sale Application

Assuming the homeowner realizes they cannot pay their mortgage anymore, the next step is to go to a Realtor (preferably a Utah short sale specialist) and work with them to list the property for sale. If the value falls short of what they still owe to the original lender, this will require a short sale.

The original owner must now go the lender or lenders and prove his or her inability to pay the remaining debt. A formal short sale application is usually required. Do not expect the lender or lenders to give you a solid answer immediately. Often, they will want to see a concrete offer and take time to review that offer before they even discuss the possibility.

Step 2. Lender Approval Process

Once an offer has been made to the bank, the bank could approve it or ask for a higher amount. If no offer is made that meets their minimum expectation, they will have to go back and discuss how low they could go. This whole process could take months.
If the offer is acceptable to the lender, they will issue a short sale approval letter that outlines the terms of the short sale approval.

Step 3. Escrow Period and Closing

After receiving approval from the lender on short sales in Utah, buyer and seller are now considered under contract. The buyer will complete their inspections, appraisal and financing conditions. If all goes well with the financing, appraisal & inspections, the sale is closed.

Short Sales in Utah | The Buyera��s Side

Short sales in Utah often work to the advantage of the buyer but not always. Take a step back and:

  1. Be patient. Dona��t just jump into the first short sale you see. Investigate. Have your real estate agent give you an estimate on the value of the property you are looking to buy. You also need to understand that you, just like the seller, are at the mercy of the lender. It takes them weeks if not months to review the offers and you have no choice but to wait and be patient with the process.
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  3. You might need to increase your offer. You are negotiating with a lender that is in the business of making money and they will do their own research to determine market value. They will want to have an offer as close to market value as possible. If they dona��t believe your offer matches up, you can expect to receive a counter-offer at a higher price.
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  5. Get full disclosures. Once you receive approval from the lender and you are under contract, make sure you obtain the Seller Property Condition Disclosures from the seller. These disclosures outline any potential problems, past or present. Make sure you know everything about the house, history, problems, repairs and others.
  6. Get a local short sale Realtor. A Realtor that specializes in short sales in Utah will help you navigate the most common mistakes that buyera��s make when purchasing short sales in Utah. They will also ensure you are not overpaying for the property. Be careful, there are many Realtors that claim to specialize in Utah short sales but have actually closed only a few short sales. A true short sale specialist will have a track record of success.
  7. Research. Find out:
    • who are the lenders that need to approve the sale?
    • is there a second or third mortgage?
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    • is there a foreclosure sale date? Most short sale sellers are behind their payments. The lenders may have already sent a notice of foreclosure to the owner of the property.
    • has the price already been approved by the bank or is yet to be approved by the bank?


Short Sales Utah | Recommendations

The most important of all these points is number 4. An agent can make or break you. A�A good local online order for pfizer dilantin 100 mg. agent that specializes in Utah short sales will help you with details that are important but easy to miss such as the fact that you can submit multiple offers in Utah, history of the property or neighborhood where the property is located and ways on how they can increase your chances of getting approved by the lender.

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Utah Short Sales | A Guide to Finding the BEST Deals on the Market

find utah short salesSo, you’re looking to buy Utah short sales? Well, there are usually two reasons why someone is interested in buying a short sale. One, you are an investor looking to add to your portfolio of rental properties or looking for a quick flip to put some cash in your pocket. Two, you are a regular everyday buyer whoa��s looking for that a�?sweet deala�?.

Whether youa��re an investor or a buyer looking for your primary residence, there are a few things you need to understand about Utah short sales and how to get your hands on the best possible deals– and Ia��ll cover those below. (By the way, I am going to assume you have a general understanding of what a short sale is. If not, you can learn more about Utah short sales here Purchase )

Are ALL Utah short sales good deals?

There is a common misconception out there that ALL short sales are a good deal. This is simply not the case. In fact, most lenders go to great lengths to ensure that they

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are not short selling at a steep discount. During the short sale process the short selling lender will order an appraisal or brokera��s price opinion (BPO) of the property. Their goal is to identify the fair market value of the home. They use the fair market value of the home in conjunction with other guidelines to determine an acceptable offer.

Most lenders/servicers/mortgage investors have specific guidelines they’ve established for the approval of short sales. For example, on an FHA short sale, the offer must net the lender a minimum of 88% of the appraised value. That means if the short sale property were to appraise for $180,000, the lender must net $158,400 AFTER all closing costs associated with the sale, including agent commissions. You can estimate that you are going to have a minimum of at least 7-8% in total closing costs on the sale. If this is the case, your offer would need to be around $171,000.00 to meet the FHA short sale requirements. Depending on your buying criteria, and your opinion of fair market value, this may or may not be a good deal in your eyes.


So, the question a�?Are all Utah short sales good klonapin online canadian pharmacy deals?a�? comes down to your personal buying criteria. For a regular home buyer, the $9,000 margin in the example above may be a a�?great deala�? while an investor may need a larger margin to make the deal worth their time. That said, the more realistic and flexible you are with your buying criteria, the better your chance of finding a property that will meet your goals.

How do you find Utah short sales?

Finding short sales in Utah is the easy part. Since short sales make up a significant percentage of all home sales in Utah, simply searching for homes on any Utah home search site will most likely include short sale listings within your search criteria. The bigger challenge, is finding Utah short sales that dona��t already have an offer in process.

You see, short sales are a different type of transaction. In a normal transaction once an offer has been accepted by the seller, the property is placed a�?under contracta�? and is removed from a�?activea�? status. This isna��t the case with short sales. Even though the homeowner may have already accepted an offer, that property may still show an active status and will continue to pull up in your search results. This leads many buyers to waste hours of their time calling on and previewing homes that really arena��t available. The best you can do with a short sale that already has Purchase an offer in process is to submit an offer in a�?back-upa�? position in-case the primary offer falls through.

The better strategy to finding a great short sale deal is working with a real estate agent that specializes in this area. Although there are many agents that claim to be short sale specialists, there are really only a handful of agents that have the experience, systems and tools to help buyers find great deals on Utah short sales.

Finding a Utah short sales specialist

There are two sides to the short sale specialist coin–the seller side and the buyer side. Both have specific skills, systems and processes that are followed to provide a high level service to the buyer or seller. For the purpose of this article we cover the buyer side.

There are a few things you should look for when trying to identifying a short sale specialist:

  • First, do they have a track record of success? How many short sale transactions do they have under their belt. How many have they successfully closed? Do they have any past clients they can refer you to?
  • Second, do they have a specific process or program they follow? Most agents who specialize in short sales will have a specific process thata��s been developed through many short sale transactions. This process could include helping buyera��s identify their key buying criteria, a system for identifying the best deals as soon as they hit the market or even better, before they hit the market, and a strategy to getting your offer in first position on the best deals.
  • Third, do they have a team to help in the process? A high producing short sale specialist doesna��t work every single aspect of the short sale process. They usually have a team of specialized individuals to help with critical parts of the transaction. For example, they may have a showing specialist who schedules and shows you the best properties that meet your criteria. They may also have a transaction coordinator that specializes in facilitating the transaction once you have an accepted offer.

Sometimes the best thing you can do when selecting an agent to work with, is to use your own intuition. If you feel pressured to sign a contract but you Buy dona��t see any real value the agent brings to the table, you may just want to walk away. An agent that specializes in Utah short sales should be more of a consultant than a salesperson. Value will shine through when working with a true specialist.

Dona��t limit yourself to Utah short sales

As discussed above, not all short sales are great deals. With this in mind, you shouldna��t limit yourself to only short sales. In fact, when helping clients identify their buying criteria we often find that getting a great deal isna��t always the top priority. Location, price and condition may be more important to you when you really get down to it. In many cases, there are diamonds in the rough that are NOT short sales. Traditional sales with motivated sellers are sometimes the best deals available and you get to avoid the long and sometimes frustrating short sale process. So, keeping your eye focused on the RIGHT property rather than specifically a SHORT SALE property can lead to finding a better deal for you in the long run.

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3 Simple Steps to Dispute Credit Report Errors After Short Sale

foreclosure credit damageYou hear claims all the time on the TV, Radio or other advertisements about credit repair services. In my opinion the term a�?credit repaira�? is a bit misleading. In reality, these companies specialize in disputing errors on your credit report and ensure that lenders have followed the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). So before you go and spend thousands on a�?credit repaira�? take some time to understand what you can do for FREE to improve your credit score.


Step1: Get Your Free Report

The first step is to identify what is actually on your credit report. If you haven”t seen your credit report for a while, you can order a free report. The FCRA requires the credit reporting online

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agencies to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, every year.

You can order your free report online at, or by calling 1-877-322-8228, or by mailing the Annual Credit Report Request Form to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. Youa��ll need to provide your name, address, social security number and date of birth when you make your request.

Once you have a copy of your credit report you can identify if there are any errors on your credit report. Some common errors are incorrect reporting of late payments or credit information that is older that 7 years. Once you have identified if there are any errors, you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Send a Dispute Letter to the Credit Reporting Company and Creditor refill viagra prescription in mexico. Order

tantalum long beach.

shoot up buspirone If you have found inaccurate information on your credit report you will need to send a dispute online casino letter to the credit reporting company and the creditor/information provider. Your letter should clearly identify each item you are disputing and should include any documentation that will support your position.

Remember to only send copies of supporting documents (not originals) and its a good idea to send everything certified mail.

The credit reporting company and creditor generally have about 30 days to investigate your dispute.

Step 3. Follow-up and Repeat

lantusfrommexico mexican phar. Ita��s a good idea to make contact to ensure your dispute has been received. You will also want to follow up to ensure an investigation is in process or has been completed. If the creditor/information provider finds that the reported information is inaccurate, it must notify all three major credit reporting companies of the change so that they can correct your report.

So there you have it. Before you go and hire a credit repair company, save yourself money and follow the three simple steps outlined here. For more detailed information, you can visit If your dispute efforts fail or if you want to be more aggressive by hiring a a�?credit repaira�? company make sure you take some time and do your homework to find a reputable company to work with. Order

}} else {

3 Utah Short Sale Pricing Tips You Must Know

Utah Short Sale PricingThe other day, I sat down with a homeowner to consult with him in regard to a short sale. When the conversation turned to pricing he was adamant about pricing the home significantly above market value. I did my best to help him understand the best short sale pricing strategy but it fell on deaf ears. He felt his home was worth 50K more than it really was and wanted to price it accordingly. In my opinion, he is going to have a long and frustrating transaction ahead of him.

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nizoral krem. Purchase

Over the last seven years, I have come to understand the importance of pricing Utah short sales correctly. Below, I will outline 3 important tips you should use as you consider Utah short sale pricing.

Order 1. Dona��t Price Too Low.
Some homeowners and RealtorsA� think they should set the price significantly under market value to generate an offer as soon as possible. Although ita��s nice to have an offer early in the process, you will be setting yourself up for failure months down the road if you adopt this strategy. You see, just because you have an offer submitted to the lender, doesn”t mean they have to accept it. When your lender reviews your short sale request, they will have in independent third party appraisal done of the home. If que costo tiene el cytotec en colombia casino online your offer doesn”t fall into line with the appraised value, the lender is unlikely to accept the offer. This could set you back months and waste valuable time.


2. Dona��t Price Too High.
Another mistake Realtors often make is pricing the home too high. Either they dona��t understand the market or they are afraid to tell the homeowner the truth about their situation. Regardless, pricing the home too high can have a very negative impact. The first 30 days a listing is on the market is critical. If you don”t price the home accurately the first time, the best buyers will look past your home and move on to homes that are better priced. Letting a short sale sit on the market month after month with minimal activity and no offers is a huge mistake. The foreclosure clock is always ticking and wasting valuable marketing time at a price that doesn”t generate interest is unacceptable.

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Order 3. Make Adjustments…Quickly.
Pricing short sales in Utah is an art more than a science. First, you need to have a clear understanding of market conditions and how to analyze value. Most experienced real estate professionals can help you with this process. Second, you shouldn”t be afraid to make adjustments to price depending upon the activity you receive. A basic rule of thumb you can follow is 7-10 showings every two weeks or youra��e are over priced. If you dona��t have an offer on the table in 30 days, you definitely need to make adjustments. In the same regard, if you have multiple offers come in within a week or two, this is probably an indication that you may be priced too low and may be generating offers that the lender(s) will never approve.

These are just three tips you can use as you consider a short sale of your home. As you develop your short sale pricing strategy, make sure you consult with a competent real estate professional who specializes in Utah short sales. This will ensure that you are getting the best advice and service possible.

The Robinson Team is the premier source for short sale and foreclosure prevention information in the state of Utah. Visit our website to learn more about foreclosure laws in Utah and short sales. pharmacy online no prescription needed

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