VIDEO: Lenders Halt Foreclosure Evictions for the Holidays

Fannie Mae, cardizem sale Freddie Mac and several large mortgage companies announced they are postponing foreclosure evictions for the holidays. They said all evictions will be placed on hold from December 19, 2012 through January 2, 2013.

foreclosure_haltWhile Utah foreclosure evictions will temporarily be postponed

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on all single family and 2-4 unit properties, legal and administrative proceedings may still continue on delinquent mortgages. This gives distressed homeowners a little piece of mind knowing they will not be forced out Order of their homes for at least a two-week period.

Some mortgage companies such as Wells Fargo and JP Morgan buy viagra with american express card Chase said they will stop foreclosure evictions on all residential mortgages from December 2, 2012 through January 2, 2013. Both companies said they will not force any homeowners out of their homes or conduct lockouts during this foreclosure moratorium.

Bank of America said they will also attempt to avoid pursuing evictions around the Christmas holidays. Due mobile casino to the fact these are some of the largest mortgage companies in the

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country, this may impact a large portion of local homeowners undergoing the Utah foreclosure process.

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VIDEO: Utah Foreclosure Process | 4 Critical Steps

utah-foreclosure-processIf you are like many Utah homeowners struggling to make your mortgage paymentA�orA�alreadyA�behind, it’s important that you understand the foreclosure process in Utah. Watch this video or read the article below to learn more about the process.

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There are 4 critical steps in the Utah foreclosure process. Understanding these steps will help you know how much time you have to resolve your foreclosure situation. Let’s talk about the 4 steps:

Step 1: Mortgage Default

Default is when a homeowner fails to make thier monthly mortgage payment on time. Most likely, your lender will contact you to identify if/when you will be able to make the payment. You can expect to receive weekly calls from your lender to assess you situation.

Step 2: Notice of Default

Generally speaking, your lender will attempt to collect payments for a few months before they actually start the foreclosure process. The lender starts the foreclosure process by filing a Notice of Default (NOD) with the county recorders office. This is a one-page document that explains the default and that the lender is starting foreclosure.

Step 3: Notice of Trustees Sale

If 3 months pass and the homeowner hasn’t been able to resolve or cure the default, the lender will file a Purchase Notice of Trustees Sale. This document is recorded at the county recorders office, posted on the property itself and posted in a regularly circulating newspaper in the county. A copy will also be sent certified mail to the borrow.

This notice identifies the date, time and location that the home will be sold at auction to the highest bidder.

Step 4: Trustees Sale / Foreclosure Auction

order abortion pill online. cialis vs levitra reviews. Three weeks after the Notice of Trustees sale is posted, the home will be sold at the court house steps to the highest bidder. At this point, the homeowner no longer owns the home. If the homeowner still occupies the property at this point, the new owner will make contact and arrange for the homeowner to vacate the property.

If you have any questions about this process and the Purchase options that may be available to help you avoid foreclosure, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific situation with one of our foreclosure specialists.

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Utah Foreclosure Timeline: A Painstaking Process

foreclosureThe Utah foreclosure timelineA�andA�processA�is not enjoyable.A� Making it even more difficult are the negative ramifications of a foreclosure in Utah. One way to avoid going through this process is by opting for a lisinopril purchase online blue diamond pills 100. Utah short sale. The benefits of a short sale in Utah versus foreclosure are many.A�Herea��s a snapshot of how things will play out.

Default on Payments

The Utah foreclosure timeline and process starts when you stop making your mortgage Buy payments. Default may occur after the first time you miss a payment, but normally banks dona��t act upon it for the first three months or so. As is the case with many foreclosures in Utah, the banks may not take action for up to six months after you stop paying.

Notice of default:

The lender records a notice of default in the county attorney”s office. This notice gives you Order 90 days to rectify the situation by paying off the outstanding delinquent amount.

Public notice:

In non-judicial foreclosure states like Utah, trustees are required to publish notices of default. The publication must online casino canada appear in a newspaper that has wide circulation, giving the public notice of the sale and an opportunity to bid. In Utah, these must be published once per week for three consecutive weeks. The house can be sold no sooner than 10 days from the last publication. Notice must also be posted on the door of the property.


Public auction:

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The trustee picks the place for the auction, but it usually happens Purchase on the steps of the courthouse in the jurisdiction where the property is located.

A public auction doesna��t mean that you cana��t still do make amends to stay in your home.A� Homeowners remain buy antabuse tablets online in the property after the sale. The sale merely re-conveys the deed of the property to the purchaser, which is usually the same bank that owned the property in the first place. The bank merely bids what it is owed, and the trustee re-conveys the interest back to the bank.

Notice to quit:

One to three weeks after the public auction, a notice to quit is posted on the door of the home. The notice gives you three to seven days to move out.


Eviction lawsuit is filed:

If you havena��t moved out per the terms of the notice to quit, the bank takes legal action to have you Cheap removed from the property.A� After service with eviction papers, you have only three days to respond, so it is critical that you act quickly. You will be locked out of your home after three days.

Lock out:

A judge authorizes a sheriff”s constable to forcibly remove the borrowers from the property, put their possessions in kmart pharmacy generic drug list storage and then bill them for the storage space.


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