Top 5 Utah Foreclosure Scams

Utah Foreclosure Scams ic lisinopril. Utah foreclosure scams are increasingly becoming a major problem for the residents of the state. Homeowners and consumers alike need to make themselves aware ofA�these scams and what to do if they come acrossA�any of them. There are a few precautionaryA�measures to be wary of including high up front costs,A� high profit guarantees, and promises that sound to good to be true.


There are 5 common Utah foreclosure scams that are being presented to unsuspecting homeowners that areA�taking placeA�every day.


The Bailout Scam

This is where a homeowner loses possession as a result of signing over the title to the scammer with the notion of being able to reside in the home as a renter while buying it back over a period of time. The fine print that comes with these scams makes it impossible to buy the property Order back.

Equity Skimming Pills

This is a scam where a “potential buyer” will approach you and make promises of being able to pay off your mortgage and/or offer you a large amount of money when you sell your property. They will try to expedite the process casino online of getting you to move out while deeding the property to them. TheyA�will in turn rent out the property and never make a payment on the mortgage, and the lenders will eventually foreclose. You will still be obligated on your loan and signing over your deed does not relieve you of that obligation.

Phantom Help

This scam will give a homeowner a false sense of hope or security while deterring them from looking for a qualified counselor. The “help” will often charge a high upfront cost online forA� doing paperwork that could easily be done by the homeowner themselves. They then disappear with no trace or sign of how toA�reestablish contact with them.

The Bait and Switch Scam


This is a scam in which a Cheap homeowner will surrender ownership of their home unknowingly. Homeowners are tricked into signing what they believe is a form to make their mortgage current, and can be evicted form their own home for signing over the property.

Fake Counseling Agencies

This one is pretty self explanatory. Always do the research into an agency that contacts you to promethazine codeine cough syrup make sure that they are legitimate. This will save you lots of hassle down the road.

The Robinson Team specializes inA�Utah foreclosureA�prevention andA�short sales in Utah. Avoid Utah foreclosure scams and work with a trusted and proven team. If you are facing foreclosure or considering a short sale, contact us now. We can help you understand your options and answer your questions.

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