How do Deficiency Judgments Work in Utah?

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Many Utah homeowners are choosing to short sale rather than hang on to a property that they owe significantly more than the value of the home. What they don”t understand, is a short sale isn”t a magic wand that will take synthroid mexico away all the problems. One specific problem a homeowner may have to deal with is known as a deficiency judgment?

What is a deficiency judgment in Utah?

Utah is a deficiency judgment state. This means that your lender can pursue you personally for the remaining balance on your loan after a foreclosure or short sale. Yes, that”s correct–even after you have lost your home to foreclosure or short sale, you During the tour in the UK justin bieber music ambiguous proved. may not be out of the woods. A deficiency judgment is a court judgment that requires the homeowner to pay the lender a specific dollar amount that relates to the the loss the lender took through foreclosure or short sale. So, if you

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owe the lender $250,000.00 and you sell the home for $200,000.00, the lender could sue you for the difference.

How do I avoid a Utah deficiency judgment?

By going through the short sale process, Pills you have an opportunity to negotiate with your lender and work to obtain a waiver of the deficiency balance. This means that the lender agrees to forgive the remaining balance of the loan after the short sale is complete. You will want to ensure that you obtain this waiver in writing.

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It is not always possible to get a full waiver but is definitely worth trying for. You will have a lot better chance of getting the waiver by working with a competent real estate agent that understands how to negotiate these terms.


So, if you are one of those homeowners considering a short sale, be sure that you understand all the repercussions of foreclosure/short sale before you dive in.

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