Short Sale Package Tip: Who’s on Title?

Ita��s no secret that completing a short sale can be confusing and frustrating for the seller. One thing that is often overlooked, that can save a LOT of headache, is whoa��s name is on the title and whoa��s name is on the mortgage. biblical
There are many circumstances that cause these names to be different, the main one being if one buyer

doesna��t have the credit or income to be named on the loan, but both buyers want to be considered a�?homeownersa�? regardless.
Below are some questions you may be asking yourself: Order

  1. How does this affect the sales contract? Any documents pertaining to the sale of the property (any contracts or disclosures) must have the names and signatures of whoever is on the title, regardless of whose on the loan. buy accutane paypal.
  2. efek samping piroxicam. How does this affect the short sale packet? The Third Party Lender will only require documents from whoever is named on the loan, regardless of who is named on title. That means that if only 1 homeowner is named on the loan, paystubs and bank statements for the other dona��t need to be submitted or included in any financial statements. Unfortunately, this means their debt cana��t be used to prove a hardship either.
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  4. How do I find out who is the on the loan and who is on the title? cheap isoptin 80 Your monthly loan statements will indicate the names of every person who is named on the loan. You can contact the title company who closed the transaction, or you can contact your Country Recorders Office, to find out who is named on the title. If you currently have your property listed with a Realtor A�, they will have ordered a Property Report from their title company, which will also have this information on it. online

Having a missing signature on a contract can severely slow down the transaction process. Submitted financials for someone who isna��t on the loan can confuse the bank and end in them declining a sale based off financial information they shouldna��t technically be taking into consideration. So, before you sign a purchase contract or submit your hardship packet, make sure youa��re clear who needs to sign what and whose financials have to be included

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Utah Short Sale Packages: Part 2 of 3: Extra Tips and Tricks!

Now that you have the Basics of the Utah Short Sale Packet down like a pro, herea��s some a�?extrasa�? that we include every time we submit a packet:

  • Listing History and Info Cover Sheet – this gives a clear breakdown of the following:
    • Repairs that need to be made to the property
    • Breakdown of Comparables

      • percentage of short sales vs equity sales
      • average list price
      • average a�?days on marketa�?
    • Days on Market
    • Completed Price Reductions (include dates)
    • Number of Showings wea��ve had and any negative feedback from agents.
    • Offers received, along with terms.
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  • Detailed Comparative Market Analysis Pills for both Sold and Actives.
    • Hint: Let the buyers agent help with this, my guess is they most likely pulled comps when writing the offer… ask them to send over the comps they used and then consider using them in your Comparative Market Analysis.

I also review past files that are with the same bank to check for any additional documents that were requested and may be requested again, those docs could include (but are not limited to):

  • Arms Length Affidavit
  • Homeowners Questionnaire
  • Freddie Mac Short Sale Addendum
  • No Flip Affidavit plant vigra ingredients
  • Name Affidavit

Once you have all these documents in your hands, review them again for completion and then call the bank to ensure you have the correct fax number (if you havena��t already done so). Upload the docs into Adobe, or another editing program. At the top of each page, ad a header with the Borrowers name and Loan number.. if you dona��t have access to an editing program, simply print the Borrower name and Loan number at the top of each page personally (but make sure ita��s printed and

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After youa��ve faxed the entire packet to the bank, call within 48-72 hours to ensure theya��ve received each document (dona��t simply ask if theya��ve received a fax, many times certain pages can get mixed in with other files even if the majority of the fax was received correctly). Ask at that time if any additional documents are being requested and try to get a time-frame from them as to when the file will be reviewed and assigned a negotiator.

If youa��ve completed these steps, youa��re well on your way to a successful Utah short sale! Next week wea��ll be discussing keys to follow up and making sure the Utah short sale packet stays up-to-date while the file is under review.

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Short Sale Packages: Part 1 of 3 – The Basics

Short Sale PackagesWho enjoys going back and forth with the banks over paperwork? Not me! Unfortunately, if youa��reA�going through a short sale, youa��ll have to, ita��s just the ugly truth. But one thing you can doA�upfront to ensure as little back and forth as possible, is to complete a clean and complete ShortA�Sale Packet from the get-go. Remember, the banks have hundreds, if not thousands, of files onA�their desks… they are going to look at your packet once, and move on, and if ita��s not complete,A�youa��ll have to wait until they go through all the other files again before they get back around toA�yours. This can add several days, if not weeks, to the review and approval processes.

Herea��s some tips to help prepare your Short Sale Packet. First, levitra prices at walmart lets start with the basics…

Most commonly requested paperwork:

propecia generic costco. SELLER PAPERWORK: (Sellers, be prepared to supply these documents multiple times throughout theA�process so your file stays as But Aries loves freedom, scorpio monthly horoscope is jealous. up-to-date as possible)

  • Financial Worksheet:A�Signed & dated.A�Est Expiration is 90 days
  • Hardship Letter: Signed and dated. Give details (dates, etc) but don”t be emotional.A�Shouldna��t be longer than a few paragraphs, 1 page is max!A�Est Expiration is 90 days
  • Last 30 days of Paystubs: If unemployed, make note of that in the hardship letter. If receiving unemployment include a copy of latest statement of benefits.A�Est expiration is 30 days.
  • Last 60 days of Bank Statements:A�Must be copy of actual statement, not an online printout of the transactionA�history.A�Est expiration: 30 days
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  • Last 2 years Tax Returns:A�Signed & Dated. Schedule 1040 only if you havena��t filed yet, send in a copy of the extension.
  • Form 4506-T: signed & dated.A�Sellers, only fill out the top portion (and then sign) so your agent can use theA�form for both banks if therea��s 2 mortgages.


  • Listing Agreement (including all addenda):A�Some banks will request specific verbiage, Agents make sure you find out beforeA�submitting.
  • Copy of the Multiple Listing Service printout showing a�?activea�? status.

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term paper formats


  • Executed Real Estate Purchase Contract, including all addenda:A�Some banks will request specific verbiage, Agents make sure you find out beforeA�submitting.
  • Buyer Pre-Qualification Letter or Proof of Funds:A�Must be dated within the last 60 days.A�Check for an expiration date on the Pre-Qual before submitting
  • Pills

  • Est HUD-1 Settlement Statement:A�(If therea��s 2 mortgages, this can be tricky. Watch for a future post about how toA�handle these!)
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Getting this packet finalized and submitted is just the beginning, but ita��s also one of the most
important steps in ensuring your short sale is completed in the shortest amount of time, with theA�fewest headaches. Check back next week for some a�?extrasa�? that will give you an even betterA�chance of obtaining an approval and bringing your short sale to a successful close.

Read: Utah Short Sale Packages: Part 2 of 3 Purchase

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