17 Point Checklist to Maximize The Value Of Your Utah Home

Maximize_utah_home_valueOver the years, one of the biggest mistakes I see homeowners make is not taking the time to prepare the home for sale. In the end, this can cause the seller to lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars in value. The goal of everyone who is trying to sell their Utah home is to get the highest price possible. There are some ways to maximize the value of your Utah home. The fix-ups and improvements we outline below are by no means major renovations; rather some simple steps that can be taken to give your home a good amount of curb appeal and help it stand out to potential buyers.

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Remember that first impressions are critical. Homebuyers in Utah are looking at many different zithromax chlamydia treatment homes as they determine which one to purchase. Let’s start with the exterior…



1. Driveway and sidewalks: Power wash any stains, keep the driveway free of any cars and leave the garage door closed.

2. Garage door: Does it need to be painted? Does it go up and down easily? Lube the door opener, springs and hardware.

3. Entry: What is the overall feel you get standing at your front door? Give the front door a coat of paint. Replace the door if you must. Replace the doorknob and hardware if needed. Does the trim around the door look faded and dull? Paint it if it does. How does the porch light look? Make sure to change the bulb. Get a new porch light if it is weathered. Do you have a screen door? Replace the screen if needed. Maybe you could add some potted plants to make the entry more pleasant.

4. Front yard: Fertilize the lawn and any plants. Trim all shrubs and weed all planting beds. Re-seed any bare spots in the lawn. Prune trees. Replace any plants that are not growing and blooming, as they should be. Consider adding more plants to your beds to fill in any bare spots. Keep the lawn cut and watered. Make sure your yard is neat and trimmed with nothing overgrown.

5. Backyard: Give the backyard the same treatment as the front yard. Trim, prune, weed and fertilize. Power wash the patio. Add more plants if you need to. Help the backyard appear like a pleasant place to sit in the evenings.

colitis diet. 6. Roof: Clean and repair gutters. Make sure the roof is free of debris.

7. Windows: Clean, get the dirt, grime and bugs out of the tracks and off of the windows. Make sure they open smoothly. Replace the screens if necessary.

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8. Misc: Walk around the house and remove cobwebs in the eves. Repair, patch and paint your homes exterior as needed.

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Pills 9. Painting: is the best investment you can make to maximize the value of your Utah home. If the interior of your home has not been painted in the last couple of years, ita��s a great way to transform the look and maximize appeal. Neutral colors are preferable so potential buyers have an easier time envisioning the different spaces with their own tastes.

10. Empty your house: Pack up what is not essential. Don’t leave a lot of family pictures on the walls. The goal is to make the interior as bright and clutter free as possible. A good rule of thumb is to remove any items smaller than a basketball. This will give your home a “clutter-free” feel.

11. Kitchen: Do what you can to make the kitchen shine. Keep the counters, sink, and table clear of everything. Clean all lights and replace bulbs. Clean out and organize cabinets and the pantry. Having your kitchen clean and neat is a top priority to make a good impression on a buyer.

12. Bathrooms: Clean them thoroughly. Repair any leaks. Replace the light fixtures if needed. Upgrade the bathroom hardware, towel racks etc. Get new towels and bath mats. Replace the medicine cabinet if it

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is rusted. You want the bathrooms to sparkle.

14. Closets: Pack what you do not need and organize the closets. Consider adding closet organizers to make the closets look bigger and better organized.


15. Flooring Purchase : No stains allowed. At a minimum, have the carpet professionally cleaned. If the carpet shows wear consider having new carpet installed. Make sure tile floors dona��t have any chips and the grout is clean and stain free.

16. Garage: Pack and clean it. Make an area to put any boxes you have packed from inside the house. Keep it neat and clean.

17. Misc: The interior has to be clean, bright and airy. Move anything you don’t need out of the interior. Don’t hide stuff in a closet.

Once you have your home clean and shiny and it goes on the market you must keep it that way. Selling a home is hard work and you have to keep on top of the home condition. Following these simple steps to maximize the value of your Utah home will put dollars in http://alotusblossoms.com/minocycline-pigmentation-treatment/ your pocket that could otherwise be lost.


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